Modern Fence Ideas For Your Home

13 October 2017

Modern Ideas for your Home


Fences can add much more than simply serving a practical purpose. They can be used to enhance a garden's appearance. Rather than the standard wooden fence, there are many different styles that could elevate the designs of individual gardens. This article will look at different types of modern fencing, as well as how to maintain your garden fence.


If you value durability as well as aesthetics, look no further than gabion walls, which Reno Guide says are one of the toughest fences available. You can opt to order ready-made ones, or have some custom-made for you depending on which manufacturer you go through. Another contemporary alternative is bamboo which will add a tropical feel to your garden. Modern bamboo fence designs are woven together to form a solid wall. Alternatively, there are also freestanding bamboo fences that are available through limited boutique manufacturers.


Photos featured on Lush Home show off a variety of fence ideas where mixed materials such as wood and rocks are used to produce eye-catching borders. This can be used to form a classic, stylish look, or even rustic fences that have a very homely appeal. One good example is the combination of metal sheets and wood. Both are relatively cheap, so you can install them on a limited budget.


Pallet fences are a growing trend. In fact, wooden pallets aren’t just used for fencing as many homeowners have looked to incorporate pallets into certain design features throughout the home and garden. An etched metal fence will add a touch of eccentricity to your home, especially if it comes with elaborate design elements. It’s also a nice alternative to the average garden fence. Wooden fences are no longer limited to vertical panels. The Decoist provides a selection of examples where the panels have been erected horizontally. The designs vary from closely spaced panels to spaced out panels. The common material that is used for horizontal panels is whitewashed western red cedar with climbing vines planted close by to add another dynamic to the overall appearance of the fence.


You can expand your garden by turning your fence into a wall garden by incorporating potted plants. Choose a sturdy type of wood for your pillars, such as cedar, and then set up several rods or thick horizontally wiring along the posts. You can then hang your potted plants from each line to create a hanging garden. To get the very best from your fence, it’s important to maintain it properly.


Like any part of the house, if you don’t take the right precautions to maintain your fence, it will succumb to wear and tear especially when it is up against the coming winter weather. One easy way to prolong the lifespan of fence panels is by painting them. Screwfix features an array of fence paint which guarantees up to 5-years of protection, odor free and easy to clean. Painting your fence a couple of times a year will ensure that it is well protected against the outdoor elements and a fresh lick of paint will keep your garden looking fresh and rejuvenated.


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