Accessible Limestone Garden

Accessible Limestone Garden

This is a suburban garden in Weymouth and is approximately 15x 10m.  It has several mature trees and shrubs which provide privacy.  The soil is acidic, sandy loam .  The clients are retired and would like an accessible, private garden within which to relax, potter and dine.

Requirements for the new garden design/landscape architecture:

An accessible garden
A dining patio for 4 people
A water feature to provide the sound and sight pf running water
Plants to complement the Pineapple Guava tree and existing Camellias and Pieris
A small lawn

A wildlife area at the top of the garden with a seat to enjoy the evening sun

Ann Balmforth
ann balmforth GARDEN DESIGNS - Your local Dorset Garden Designer/Landscape Architect
If you have any questions regarding the designs please don’t hesitate to contact me.