Art Lovers Garden


This garden is 80cm lower than the house so it therefore requires a slope for wheelchair access to each area of the garden. The clients want a low maintenance garden in which to display several pieces of art. The soil is slightly alkaline, sandy loam.


Requirements for the new garden design/landscape architecture:


A main patio adjacent to the house with wheelchair access from one of the rooms Storage areas under the main patio Retention of an Adobe Wall Screening from the bedroom of the house beyond the south corner An accessible dining area in the east corner of the garden A shady seating area in the south corner of the garden which should also house a dinosaur’s footprint No lawn Rain water storage under the main patio with hosepipes connected for watering the garden All areas must be permeable No green plants


This garden is being constructed by Greenhaven Landscapes from Blandford.


Here is the Outline Plan and some photographs taken during construction:

Ann Balmforth
ann balmforth GARDEN DESIGNS - Your local Dorset Garden Designer/Landscape Architect
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