Japanese Courtyard Garden

A Japanese Courtyard (Tsuboniwa) Garden


This garden is at the rear of a converted Dorset Barn and is approximately 25 x 15m.  It has elements of traditional Japanese courtyard and tea gardens while meeting the functional requirements of the clients and the constraints of the soil and English climate.  The soil is moist alkaline loam near the River Frome, so there will probably be chalk below this.  The clients are retired and would like a Japanese garden to relax and dine in, with an interesting view from the large lounge window.


Requirements for the new garden design/landscape architecture:


  • An accessible garden for wheelchair users
  • A dining patio for 4 people
  • A water feature to provide the sound and sight pf running water
  • A safe barrier to disguise the oil tank and boiler
  • A summer house with a slightly but not overt Japanese feel
  • Japanese trees and plants
  • A Japanese lantern and water basin


Full Testimonial:


"Started planning the project with Ann last summer for a Japanese inspired garden. Design was exactly as per brief and she worked closely with the landscape contactors to ensure that the final product matched the design. The garden when completed certainly met if not exceeded our expectation. Friends and family have been impressed with what has been achieved. Overall cost of landscaping was expensive but we felt it was worth it. Very happy to have worked with Ann on this projected. High praise", Dr. M., Dorset


This garden has being constructed by Gregorys Landscapes of Piddlehinton, and the rocks, trees, lantern, water-basin, bench and stepping stones have been sourced from Rhino Rock.  The remaining plants have been sourced from Chichester Trees and Shrubs and Junker's Nursery.


Here are the Outline Plan and some photographs:

Ann Balmforth
ann balmforth GARDEN DESIGNS - Your local Dorset Garden Designer/Landscape Architect
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