Tropical Accessibility Garden

A Tropical Accessibility Garden 


This garden is 5 x 8m with a patio across the back of the house that is 710mm above the remaining garden which is laid to lawn.  There are steps from the patio to the lawn which are difficult for the client.  The client wanted an accessible garden that was low maintenance and could be constructed within a budget of £10,000.  The soil is slightly acidic loam.


Requirements for the new garden/landscape architecture:


  • A ramp rather than steps from the area near the house to the rest of the garden
  • The patio base near the house to be used as the basis for a low maintenance, non-slip area
  • A sunny area to sit around a fire pit
  • Screening from the houses at the back and sides of the house
  • Raised borders to allow a small amount of gardening


This garden will be constructed by the client.

Ann Balmforth
ann balmforth GARDEN DESIGNS - Your local Dorset Garden Designer/Landscape Architect
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